Cassandra Profile Hard Enamel Pin LE 50

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Be the (second) greatest warrior with Cassandra from Tangled The Series, brandishing her sword in front of the proud kingdom of Corona!

Cassandra is a hard enamel pin, plated in silver metal and comes with two rubber fastenings to keep her secured to your jacket, lanyard, board etc. She is roughly 2.5 inches in height. She is limited edition of 50 and will not be in production again. When she's gone, she's gone for good!

Each purchase of this pin comes with a free mini Frying Pan Pal Cassandra!

(Please do not purchase my stuff if you romantically pair Cassandra and Varian. It is canon that she is 23/24 years old, he is 14/15.)


What are STANDARD, B, and C grade pins?

[SOLD OUT] - STANDARD GRADE – These are pins that are great quality though they may still have little specks in the enamel or somewhat uneven enamel areas.

[SOLD OUT] - B GRADE – These are pins with some flaws which may include specks of enamel, missing enamel, discoloration, and some scratching. These are typically minor. B grade sales final.

[SOLD OUT] - C Grade - These are pins with noticeable flaws which may include missing enamel, screen printing issues, scratches, flecks, and dips. C grade sales final.